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HDPL Above Ground

ARI-HETRA Launches HDPL Heavy-Duty Platform Lifts for Superior Efficiency

HDPL Heavy-Duty Platform Lifts


ARI-HETRA Introduces Revolutionary Platform Lifts for Unmatched Industrial Efficiency

[Sharonville, 1-5-2024] – ARI-HETRA, the leader in high-quality, safe, and reliable heavy-duty workshop equipment, is proud to unveil its latest innovation in heavy-duty lifting solutions: the HDPL Series Heavy-Duty Platform Lifts. This new range includes four models – HDPL-55, HDPL-77, HDPL-110, and HDPL-154 – each designed to meet the diverse needs of heavy-duty vehicles with lifting capacities ranging from 55,000 to 154,000 lbs.

Engineered for durability, safety, and ease of use, the HDPL Series Heavy-Duty Platform Lifts set a new standard in numerous industries. With a unique geometric configuration, these lifts feature a maintenance-free design that eliminates the need for lubrication, thereby reducing machine downtime significantly. The absence of sliding parts not only enhances longevity but also ensures maximum accessibility within the working area.

Safety is important in every ARI-HETRA product, and the HDPL Series Heavy-Duty Platform Lifts are no exception. Each model features a mechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release on each piston, complemented by electronic sensors for synchronizing pistons with auto-leveling and independent load distribution. These features guarantee operational safety and precision, meeting the strict quality control standards ARI-HETRA is known for.

Incorporating modern design with cutting-edge technology, the HDPL Series Heavy-Duty Platform Lifts are equipped with an electronic control system and LCD display for height adjustments and diagnostics, making them the most user-friendly and technologically advanced lifts on the market. Optional accessories, including LED battery-powered floodlights and rolling jacks, provide customization options to cater to specific workshop needs.

ARI-HETRA is committed to revolutionizing the heavy-duty equipment industry by providing products that enhance productivity, safety, and efficiency. The HDPL Series Heavy-Duty Platform Lifts are proof to this commitment, offering unmatched performance and reliability for heavy-duty workshops.

For more information about the HDPL Series Heavy-Duty Platform Lifts and other ARI-HETRA products, visit www.ari-hetra.com.

About us:

ARI-HETRA is the premier provider of innovative workshop solutions for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment and has been since 1988 (over 35 years). With a focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency, ARI-HETRA‘s wide range of lifts, wheel service equipment, and exhaust extraction systems are designed to meet the needs of any heavy-duty workshop.

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