BPW Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎅 🔧 🚚

BPW Christmas 2020

As Santa preps for Christmas day by raising his fire truck on a set of Wireless Mobile Column Lifts, we would like to say thank you for another year of providing mechanics with the tools needed to keep their shops running strong. It lifts our spirits hearing about how our products make lives easier. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us to you!

Feel free to contact us online, call our office at 877-573-3755, or sled through our redesigned website for more information about our Line-Powered, Hybrid Battery-Powered, and Wireless Mobile Column Lifts.


John Roberts Service Tech

John Roberts: Our Service Tech in PA, NJ, and NY!

John Roberts Service Tech

John Roberts is our ARI-HETRA service professional in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Buffalo, New York. He is ready to help keep your Mobile Lifting SystemsExhaust Extraction Systems, and Wheel Service Equipment safe and running like new.

He is a bright individual who loves learning new things to continuously better himself. John began his life journey by serving in the United States Marine Corps as an avionics technician (mainly working on AV-8B Harrier II aircraft). He also gained years of technical/customer service experience in the vending/office coffee sector maintaining an array of equipment. When John is not rejuvenating ARI products, he enjoys running, grilling, watching sports (Clemson Tigers and Carolina Panthers), documentaries, and working on becoming fluent in Spanish. We are fortunate to have John as a valued member of our top-notch service team.

The performance of our Customer’s heavy-duty equipment is important to us. We support every lift we’ve ever made in the last 30 years with factory certified service and parts to facilitate safe operation. Feel free to call our Ohio office at 877-573-3755 or fill out an online service request form for help. #GoWithGreen

WS-18-HR-BC Brake Maintenance Tools

“Brake Maintenance Tools” Caliper and Hub Removal System

WS-18-HR-BC Brake Maintenance Tools

Heavy-duty vehicle brake maintenance is now a one person job!


Lebanon, Ohio, 1/17/2019 – ARI-HETRA has released its new Brake Maintenance Tools hub and caliper removal system. The Wheel Hub Removal Jack (WS-18-HR and WS-18-HR-T) and Brake Caliper Jack (WS-18-BC and WS-18-BC-T) allow one mechanic to quickly and safely service heavy-duty vehicle brake assemblies, reduce manual lifting, and save money.

Advantages of the Brake Maintenance Tools:

– Helps avoid damage to hub seals and components.
– Removal of the hub and caliper is safe and simple.
– Frees up workers and saves on labor costs.
– Reduces chance of injury.
– Fits in tight spaces.
– Easily moves around garage.

The Wheel Hub Removal Jack features 1,100 lbs. of lifting power, 6 in. heavy-duty wheels that make movement around the workshop simple and secure, as well as provides safe removal and replacement of wheel hubs. When used with Wheel Hub Removal Jack, the Brake Caliper Jack assists in removing and replacing hubs and brake calipers, locks the caliper in place in any axis when pulling, and is quickly dismantled for easy storage. 

Bill Gibson, Product Manager for ARI-HETRA says “The low lifting height and heavy weight of brake components have always been tough on techs. Our new tools allow them to focus on dialing in wheel bearings and adjusting important brake systems, all without throwing their backs out.” 

Customers really like the compact size of these tools. They can get in and out of wheel wells and around tool boxes easily. When they aren’t in use, they nest up together and out of the way.” says Troy Clewis, ARI-HETRA’s Southern California Regional Manager.

About Us: 

ARI-HETRA is a customer focused company specializing in maintenance equipment for heavy-duty vehicles. We provide leadership in safety, reliability, durability, and best value. ARI-HETRA offers safe and reliable mobile lifting systems, exhaust extraction systems, and wheel service products for heavy-duty maintenance in over 40 different industries.

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