Wireless Mobile Column Lift Training w/ NH ARNG! 🚛🛠️

This group of awesome soldiers were all smiles and throwing down fun poses after going through training for their new set of .

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Wireless BPW Mobile Column Lift Bus Randy

How Much Can You Mobile Column Lift? 💪😎

Wireless BPW Mobile Column Lift Bus Randy

We are all about lifting heavy weights to bulk up your productivity. Our line-powered, cable battery-powered, and wireless mobile column lifts can be hooked up in sets of up to 8 and raise heavy-duty vehicles weighing up to 144,000 lbs! 

Clear the air in the shop by pulling, sucking, and blowing hazardous exhaust emissions from the work area to an exterior environment with our Exhaust Extraction Systems. Proven to help protect employees while also making OSHA and the EPA happy campers.

Wheel service is also easy as Sunday morning with our King Pin Press, Floor Jacks, Brake Service Tools, and Heavy-Duty or Automotive Tire Service Equipment.

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