LA Metro Troy Brake Caliper Jack

Brake Maintenance Tools Stop Difficult Brake Repairs at LA Metro

We recently visited LA Metro and introduced their crew to our dependable line of Brake Maintenance Tools. The mobile tools allow one worker to quickly service brake assemblies, while putting a stop to manual lifting and injury. Our demonstration gave everyone present a close look at how much time and money could actually be saved. One mechanic shared his positive thoughts on our Brake Caliper Jack, in the video that we shared. Congrats LA Metro for Going With Green!

Arkansas Military Humvee HDML Mobile Lifts FRLT-15 Truck Adapter AB Support Stands

Helping the Military Perform Vehicle Maintenance in Arkansas!

Arkansas Military Humvee HDML Mobile Lifts FRLT-15 Truck Adapter  AB Support Stands

Members of the Arkansas National Guard at Camp Robinson wanted to have access to the undercarriage of their military vehicles for maintenance, while still being able to work on the tires and brakes. No problem! Two of our Mobile Column Lifts, equipped with either Light or Medium Truck Adapters, helped them to get the job(s) done safely. #GoWithGreen

Adjustable Support Stands can also be added to any set up for enhanced flexibility and security!

If you have any questions, feel free to fill out our online contact form or call us at 877-573-3755.


Tom Ackerman: Our New Regional Sales Manager in AZ, CO, NM, & UT


We are excited to announce that Tom Ackerman joined our top notch ARI-HETRA sales team! Anyone located in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah can contact Tom for all of their Mobile Lifting SystemsExhaust Extraction Systems, and Wheel Service Equipment needs.

The retired Army/Navy veteran and Arizona State University graduate grew up in Illinois, where he would often take a bus to Wrigley Field as a kid to catch a Cubs game. Tom has been around and involved in vehicle maintenance his entire life and knows how to make facilities more efficient with our dependable products.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Tom on his direct line at 702-373-5122, fill out his online contact form, or give our Ohio office a ring at 877-573-3755.

Telescoping Exhaust Extraction Cane

Let’s Clear the Air!

Telescoping Exhaust Extraction Cane

Our Telescoping Exhaust Extraction Cane is a versatile tool that makes drawing out a heavy-duty vehicle’s harmful diesel fumes easy. The cane adjusts between 8 to 13 feet tall and can handle various stainless steel exhaust hoods to match different stack types. You also have the option to use your shop’s existing fan-powered exhaust extraction system or our optional stand-alone suction fan, truck hood, and hose kit. Say goodbye to having bad gas!

Feel free to browse the website, contact us online, or call our Ohio office at 877-573-3755 to learn more.

Beardless Bill (2013) Raises and Lowers a Telescoping Exhaust Cane With Ease!