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Wireless Mobile Column Lift Training w/ NH ARNG! 🚛🛠️

This group of awesome soldiers were all smiles and throwing down fun poses after going through training for their new set of .

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FMTV WS-1945 Floor Jack Ohio Army National Guard

🚛 Military Floor Jacks Raise the Bar & the Tires

FMTV WS-1945 Floor Jack Ohio Army National Guard

The amazing men and women of our armed services work extremely hard. We love showing our appreciation by designing heavy-duty tools that make their lives easier and that work every bit as hard. Our new WS-1945 Military Floor Jack stands front and center in the motorpool by engaging the shackle mounts of heavy-duty military and construction vehicles, allowing one soldier to raise the front and/or rear of their equipment weighing up to 45,000 lbs. It’s is also now available on our GSA Schedule (GS-07F-291AA)!


  • Twin rams with threaded locking safety collars.
  • Air over hydraulic.
  • Rapid lift without load.
  • Twin rams move side to side.
  • Much More!

Feel free to submit an online price quote request, contact us online, call our Ohio office at 800-562-3250, or take a drive through our website for more information. #GoWithGreen

Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Lifts FRLT-15 Truck Adapter AB Support Stands HMMWV Humvee

Helping the Military Perform Vehicle Maintenance in Arkansas!

Arkansas Military Humvee HDML Mobile Lifts FRLT-15 Truck Adapter  AB Support Stands

Members of the Arkansas National Guard at Camp Robinson wanted to have access to the undercarriage of their military vehicles for maintenance, while still being able to work on the tires and brakes. No problem! Two of our Mobile Column Lifts, equipped with either Light or Medium Truck Adapters, helped them to get the job(s) done safely. #GoWithGreen

Adjustable Support Stands can also be added to any set up for enhanced flexibility and security!

If you have any questions, feel free to fill out our online contact form or call us at 877-573-3755.

Memorial Day 2019

We would like to wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend with family and friends. It is a very special time to remember and honor all of our courageous soldiers, sailors, airmen, airwomen, and marines who gave it all to keep this nation free. A giant “Thank you!” also goes out to all of the amazing men and women who courageously served in the past and are currently serving today.

Our office will also be closed next Monday (Mary 27th).