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Texas Metal ARI-HETRA Mobile Column Lifts

Mobile Column Lifts Take Center Stage on Texas Metal

Texas Metal ARI-HETRA Mobile Column Lifts
We’re honored to announce a special moment for our team! ARI-HETRA‘s heavy-duty wireless mobile column lifts were featured on a recent episode of Texas Metal, the popular Motor Trend Network television show known for its awesome vehicle customizations. This feature shines a light on the strength, flexibility, and reliability of our wireless mobile column lifts, essential tools in numerous industries for handling heavy-duty maintenace projects with ease and precision.
As a company committed to providing reliable heavy-duty equipment, seeing our mobile column lifts in action on Texas Metal is a humbling acknowledgment of our efforts. It emphasizes our dedication to innovation and quality in a wide range of heavy-duty solutions (mobile column lifts, wheel service equipment, and exhaust extraction systems) designed for enhancing productivity, safety, and efficiency.
Thanks goes out to Texas Metal and the talented team at Ekstensive Metal Works for allowing our equipment to play a role in their vehicle customization work. Witnessing our heavy-duty lifts support such intricate projects on national television is a proud moment for us and motivates us to continue our mission of serving our heavy-duty maintenance friends.

Texas Metal ARI-HETRA Mobile Column Lifts 3

Texas Metal ARI-HETRA Mobile Column Lifts 2