WS-BL44 On Vehicle Disc Brake Lathe for Trucks, Buses, Light Commercial Vehicles


WS-BL44 On Vehicle Disc Brake Lathe

ARI-HETRA Highlights the WS-BL44 On Vehicle Disc Brake Lathe

[Sharonville, OH] – ARI-HETRA, a leader in heavy-duty vehicle maintenance equipment, proudly highlights the WS-BL44 On Vehicle Disc Brake Lathe, designed to offer unparalleled precision and efficiency for trucks, buses, and commercial vehicles.

The WS-BL44 saves hours by eliminating the need to swap out rotors, operating directly on the vehicle hub to ensure a perfectly aligned rotor every time. Key features include adjustable spindle RPM, counter-balancing gas springs for easy adjustment, and an automatic cutting feeder for walk-away performance. This innovative lathe is engineered for maximum efficiency and reliability.

“With the WS-BL44, we are delivering a game-changing solution for brake servicing that saves man hours while also improving ride quality for your entire fleet,” said Bill Gibson, VP Business Development of ARI-HETRA.

For more information about the WS-BL44 On Vehicle Disc Brake Lathe, visit ARI-HETRA or contact our sales team at 800-562-3250.

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ARI-HETRA is the premier provider of innovative workshop solutions for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment and has been since 1988 (over 35 years). With a focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency, ARI-HETRA‘s wide range of lifts, wheel service equipment, and exhaust extraction systems are designed to meet the needs of any heavy-duty workshop.

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