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ARI-HETRA WS-35026-FE Tire Inflation Cage for Large Tires


ARI-HETRA Highlights the WS-35026-FE Tire Inflation Cage for Large Tires

[Sharonville, OH] – ARI-HETRA, a leader in heavy-duty vehicle maintenance equipment, is spotlighting the WS-35026-FE Tire Inflation Cage, designed for oversized tires, including 3-piece, military, mining, and forestry wheels.

The WS-35026-FE features a robust steel cage that prevents wheel fragments from escaping in the event of an explosion, protecting operators from injury. It supports a maximum tire diameter of 85 inches and width of 38 inches. With a pressure gauge and regulator system, the cage offers programmable overinflation and purge cycles, ensuring precise inflation up to 232 PSI. Its fully powered cage lift adds convenience, making tire maintenance safer and more efficient.

“Safety is our top priority at ARI-HETRA, and the WS-35026-FE Tire Inflation Cage exemplifies our commitment to protecting our customers while providing state-of-the-art equipment,” said Bill Gibson, VP Business Development of ARI-HETRA.

For more information about the WS-35026-FE Tire Inflation Cage, visit ARI-HETRA or contact our sales team at 800-562-3250.

About us:

ARI-HETRA is the premier provider of innovative workshop solutions for heavy-duty vehicles and equipment and has been since 1988 (over 35 years). With a focus on safety, reliability, and efficiency, ARI-HETRA‘s wide range of lifts, wheel service equipment, and exhaust extraction systems are designed to meet the needs of any heavy-duty workshop.

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