Shawn Frahm: Our Service Tech in IL, IA, MN, & WI!

Shawn Frahm Website

Shawn Frahm is our ARI-HETRA service professional in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. He is ready to help keep your Mobile Lifting SystemsExhaust Extraction Systems, and Wheel Service Equipment safe and running like new.

Mr. Frahm can stand the heat and his work history proves it! He has poured 2,700° molten iron into molds at a foundry, repaired equipment at his family-owned machine shop, and even suited up to crawl through treacherous ductwork in jails, schools, and other facilities to clean out all forms of harmful bacteria, mold, and fungus. He’s seen and done it all! We are fortunate to have Shawn as a valued member of our top-notch service team.

If you need to schedule an annual safety certification or any preventive maintenance tasks for your ARI products, feel free to fill out an online service request form. You can also call our Ohio office at 877-573-3755 or contact us online with any questions. #GoWithGreen