Ronnie Sipps: Our Service Tech in TX & LA!


Ronnie Sipps is your ARI-HETRA certified professional in Texas and Louisiana for maintaining and keeping your heavy-duty lifts, exhaust systems, and wheel service products in perfect operational and safety order. Make sure to schedule annual Safety Certification and Preventive Maintenance for your ARI heavy-duty mobile lifts.

He was a copier tech for 8 years and then worked in the oil field for about a year before coming to ARI to join our team. Ronnie is all about his family, his bulldog, and cars. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and building custom cars and trucks. A real down to Earth dude with a great attitude.

The performance of our Customer’s heavy-duty equipment is important to us. We support every lift we’ve ever made in the last 30 years with factory certified service and parts to facilitate safe operation. Feel free to call our Ohio office at 877-573-3755 or fill out an online service request form for help. #GoWithGreen