HDXL-906 Above Ground Double Scissor Lift Caldwell

City of Caldwell Cuts Maintenance Time With HDXL Scissor Lift

The fine folks of the City of Cadwell in Idaho are now proud owners of a new HDXL-906 Above Ground Double Scissor Lift ( capacity of 57,000 lbs). The powerful and dependable lift will make changing a clutch, inspecting shocks, or other services easier and quicker on their heavy-duty vehicles. We were able to get some great footage of our install process and finished job. Thanks!

ARI 2019 STN Expo Visit Us

Visit Us at the 2019 STN Expo in Reno, NV! 🚍🚌

ARI 2019 STN Expo Visit Us

We look forward to meeting everyone in attendance at the 2019 STN Expo, located inside of the Peppermill Resort in Reno, Nevada. When passing through the main entrance, make sure to stop at the crosswalk, look both ways, and safely walk on over to booth 303 (Exhibit Map) to get to know our top-notch team and dependable line of heavy-duty products. #STNReno19

2019 STN Expo Map ARI
FL-OM-12 HBP Hybrid Forklift

Kroger Facility Saves Time & Money on Forklift Repairs

FL-OM-12 HBP Hybrid Forklift

We captured an inside look at how our line of Fork Truck Lifts help employees at a Kroger distribution facility in Las Vegas, Nevada save time and money on difficult equipment repairs. In the video, our friend Mike was kindly spoke about how our equipment made his daily repair work “about ten times easier.” Mike and his crew have used our ARI-HETRA equipment for their quads, triples, reachers, and doubles. We enjoy visiting with our great customers and making their lives easier!

Check out our forklift platforms and adapters below and make sure to contact us for more information.

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ARI-HETRA Low Clearance Truck

Low Prices On New, Used, & Refurbished Equipment!

ARI-HETRA Low Clearance Truck

This is one time that low clearance is a good thing! The clearance section of our newly launched website is now open for business! We are offering great deals on new, certified used, demo, and refurbished ARI-HETRA equipment!

You can request special pricing online by clicking on the “Add to Quote Request” button found on the desired clearance product page, filling out a contact form, or by calling us at 877-573-3755.


Welcome to the ARI-HETRA Family, Melissa!


It is a pleasure to announce that Melissa Hembree joined our team here at the corporate office today in the role of Customer Service Representative. It’s exciting to watch our ARI-HETRA family continue to grow. Our wonderful customers will be in very good hands with Melissa’s amazing personality and expertise.

Have a question about a product or looking for pricing? Reach out to an ARI team member in your area!

Memorial Day 2019

We would like to wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend with family and friends. It is a very special time to remember and honor all of our courageous soldiers, sailors, airmen, airwomen, and marines who gave it all to keep this nation free. A giant “Thank you!” also goes out to all of the amazing men and women who courageously served in the past and are currently serving today.

Our office will also be closed next Monday (Mary 27th).

ARI-HETRA New Website Animation

Our New Website Is Packed With Great Features!

ARI-HETRA New Website Animation

We recently launched our new and improved website that was built from the ground up! Cool and helpful new features were added to get everyone where they need to be as quickly as possible.

  • Our new drop down navigation bar features both product visuals and text labels to help guide you.
  • Our handy zip code lookup form helps you quickly find an ARI-HETRA team member in your area.
  • Our Parts & Service section allows you to easily fill out an appropriate form for help.
  • Every product on our website features an “Add to Price Request” button (e.g. WS-12660 Tire Changer). Add as many products as you want to the list, before digitally sending it off to us.
  • If you would like to keep up on ARI-HETRA happenings, check out our new blog or follows us on InstagramFacebook, and Linkedin.

Feel free to have some fun browsing through our dependable Mobile Column Lifts, Wheel Service products, and Exhaust Extraction systems while you are here.

WasteExpo 2019 ARI-HETRA Booth

Live Product Demos at WasteExpo 2019!

If you are out and about at WasteExpo 2019, stop by booth 907 to watch our team perform live demonstrations of the ARI-HETRA model WS-BL44Disc Brake Lathe cutting heavy-duty truck rotors! We also showed off our Tire Changers as they both dismounted and mounted truck tires! Stay tuned for demos of our Wheel Balancers and Brake Maintenance Tools during the Las Vegas Convention Center trade show.

2019 ARI Sales Meeting Group Photo

A Great 2019 Sales Meeting!

It was great getting our ARI-HETRA sales, production, and office teams together for a fun and informative 2019 Sales Meeting this week at our Lebanon, OH location. Veteran ARI team members shared their vast knowledge and new employees were welcomed with open arms. We are all proud of our reliable USA made products, very strong sense of teamwork, and Customers first attitude. Go With Green!

WS-18-HR-BC Brake Maintenance Tools

“Brake Maintenance Tools” Caliper and Hub Removal System

WS-18-HR-BC Brake Maintenance Tools

Heavy-duty vehicle brake maintenance is now a one person job!


Lebanon, Ohio, 1/17/2019 – ARI-HETRA has released its new Brake Maintenance Tools hub and caliper removal system. The Wheel Hub Removal Jack (WS-18-HR and WS-18-HR-T) and Brake Caliper Jack (WS-18-BC and WS-18-BC-T) allow one mechanic to quickly and safely service heavy-duty vehicle brake assemblies, reduce manual lifting, and save money.

Advantages of the Brake Maintenance Tools:

– Helps avoid damage to hub seals and components.
– Removal of the hub and caliper is safe and simple.
– Frees up workers and saves on labor costs.
– Reduces chance of injury.
– Fits in tight spaces.
– Easily moves around garage.

The Wheel Hub Removal Jack features 1,100 lbs. of lifting power, 6 in. heavy-duty wheels that make movement around the workshop simple and secure, as well as provides safe removal and replacement of wheel hubs. When used with Wheel Hub Removal Jack, the Brake Caliper Jack assists in removing and replacing hubs and brake calipers, locks the caliper in place in any axis when pulling, and is quickly dismantled for easy storage. 

Bill Gibson, Product Manager for ARI-HETRA says “The low lifting height and heavy weight of brake components have always been tough on techs. Our new tools allow them to focus on dialing in wheel bearings and adjusting important brake systems, all without throwing their backs out.” 

Customers really like the compact size of these tools. They can get in and out of wheel wells and around tool boxes easily. When they aren’t in use, they nest up together and out of the way.” says Troy Clewis, ARI-HETRA’s Southern California Regional Manager.

About Us: 

ARI-HETRA is a customer focused company specializing in maintenance equipment for heavy-duty vehicles. We provide leadership in safety, reliability, durability, and best value. ARI-HETRA offers safe and reliable mobile lifting systems, exhaust extraction systems, and wheel service products for heavy-duty maintenance in over 40 different industries.

For Further Information:
ARI-HETRA Headquarters
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Press Contact:
Justin Page | Marketing and Graphic Design
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