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AEC Trucking HBP Mobile Column Lifts

AEC Trucking Shows Off Their ARI-HETRA Mobile Column Lifts!

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They make our work so much easier, and better, and faster. We can get through more trucks this way. And I really appreciate it. Thank you.

The fine folks at AEC Trucking put together a great video showing off how our Hybrid Mobile Column lifts (HBP) make their lives easier on a daily basis. Big shout out to AEC mechanic, Allen, for the kind words. He even chucks his knee pads across the shop. He doesn’t “kneed” them any longer, thanks to our awesome heavy-duty lifts. 😂

If you have any questions about our mobile column lifts or want to request a price quote, feel free to give our Ohio office a call at 877-573-3755 or contact us online.