Matthew Whaley: Our New Service Tech in OH, IN, and MI! 💚

Matthew Whaley

We are excited to announce that Matthew Whaley is our  service professional in Ohio, Eastern Indiana, and Southern Michigan. He is ready to help keep your ,, andsafe and running like new.

Matthew has extensive experience working on electrical panels, overhead cranes, port cranes, and many other .  He enjoys being with family, learning new things, hunting, fishing, woodworking, traveling, working on cars, reading, and attending sporting events (, Cincinnati Reds/, and). When he gets some downtime, Matthew loves watching his favorite TV show, The League, the movie, Field of Dreams, or listening to the heavy metal band, .

If you need toan annual safety certification or any preventive maintenance tasks for your , feel free to fill out an. You can also call our  at 877-573-3755 orwith any questions. #GoWithGreen