Brake Maintenance Tools

The ARI-HETRA Model WS-18-HR Brake Hub Removal Jack and WS-18-BC Brake Caliper Jack allow one mechanic to quickly and safely service heavy-duty vehicle brake assemblies, reduce manual lifting, and save money.


Brake Hub Removal Jack

  • 1,100 lbs. of lifting power.
  • 6” heavy-duty wheels that make movement around the workshop safe and easy.
  • Safe removal and replacement of wheel hubs.


Brake Caliper Jack

  • When used with hub jack, it assists in removing and replacing hubs and brake calipers.
  • Locks caliper in place in any axis when pulling.
  • Quickly dismantled for easy storage.



  • Help avoid damage to hub seals and components.
  • Removal of hub and caliper is safe and simple.
  • Reduces chance of injury.
  • Fits in tight spaces.
  • Easily moves around garage.

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