Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer - WS-12880

The ARI-HETRA WS-12880 Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer makes it possible to balance the wheels of trucks and light industrial vehicles with rim diameters 10 in to 30 in weighing up to 440 lb.



  • Back-lit graphic LCD display 132 x 40mm
  • Electro-pneumatic brake holds the wheel in position while placing weights
  • Car, Truck and Motorcycle wheels. Aluminum or steel
  • Two highly sensitive balancing sensors.



  • Safety hood
  • Low speed rotation
  • Pneumatic wheel lift - 440 lbs. capacity


Optional Accessories


Technical Specifications


Max Wheel Width
27 in
Max Wheel Diameter
51 in
Max Wheel Weight
440 lb
Recomended Air Pressure
116-145 psi
Car and Truck Wheel Info
  Car Truck
Rim Width 1.5 in to 22 in 1.5 in to 22
Rim Diameter 10 in to 30 in 10 in to 30 in
Balancing Accuracy 1 g 5 g
1-Phase Power Supply
110/220V 60 Hz

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