King Pin Press KPP-143

ARI-HETRA's air assisted and manual King Pin Press is a safe, professional, and time-efficient tool used to replace heavy-duty king pins. It’s vertical, side-to-side, and front-to-back adjustability make it easy to maneuver around obstacles that would otherwise make the job time consuming and difficult. It comes with a fully stocked tooling kit that prepares technicians to replace king pins of various sizes. All of the KPP-143’s features combined with the use of 143,000 lb of compression forces make it the most time-efficient, safe, easy to use, and reliable tool for king pin replacement.



  • Front wheel dolly for easy transport and positioning
  • Tool kit equipped with various size support sleeves and mandrels
  • Side-to-side and front-to-back adjustability and locking
  • Hand crank for vertical adjustability and locking
  • 2 yokes that change clearance width between puller bolts
  • Easy to use pneumatic lift and return stroke
  • Responsive manual hand pump, for safe removal of king pin



  • Operates from safe distance
  • Self-supported press
  • Drastically reduces potential of steering component damages


Technical Specifications

Compression Force
143,000 lb
Clearance Between Puller Bolts
12 ins.
Maximum Clearance Height
19 ins.
4.75 ins.
6,091 psi
Air Supply
188 psi
285 lbs



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