HBP-HDML-10-AE Hybrid Mobile Lift

ARI-HETRA has launched its most advanced Mobile Lifting platform. The new 24 Volt system utilizes dual industrial strength batteries and a Patent Pending hybrid power system. You can now use 110 Volt power to run your lifts. This system has been environmentally friendly engineered to provide energy savings and the stewardship of resources and sensitivity to environmental impact. This system contributes to the maintenance building’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System certification to reduce operating environmental footprint.



  • Power Saving - After 2 minutes of inactivity, the lifts power down automatically to conserve energy.
  • LED Control Panel - Load cell displays weight at each post. Lifted height displayed for absolute control in restricted space areas. Displays in either standard or metric units.
  • Electronic Overload Protection - Shuts system down when load is over the rated capacity.
  • Self Diagnostics - Operating status displays error codes and fault information.
  • Advance Hybrid Control System - Weight from lifted vehicle is used to regenerate power, which is restored to the batteries.
  • US Patent No. 8,474,793 B2


  • Emergency stop button
  • Electrical security devices to stop the mobile lift in case of electrical failure or overload 
  • ALI certified through NRLT MET Labs 


Optional Accessories

Technical Specifications

Capacity per Column
HDML-10-4-AE 18,000 lb
HDML-10-6-AE 18,000 lb
Total Capacity
HDML-10-4-AE 72,000 lb
HDML-10-6-AE 108,000 lb
Motor Capacity
HDML-10-4-AE 2 hp
HDML-10-6-AE 2 hp
Power Consumption
110V 5A (charger per column)
110V 5A (charger per column)
Shipping Weight per Column
HDML-10-4-AE 1,250 lb
HDML-10-6-AE 1,250 lb
Lifting Time




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