Portable Air Lift Jack WS-0910T

Garages and repair shops of truck, farm equipment, construction equipment and bus companies. May be used in pairs. Ideal for crowded conditions that require single point contact.



  • 3-way heavy duty air valve provides fine control when lifting or lowering a load
  • Extension tubes and detent pins offer multiple lifting heights
  • Unit easily maneuvered on two 8" diameter rubber tread wheels
  • Removable handle and 8" air hose for remote safe positioning and operation
  • Lifting saddle with serrated surface and locating lugs


Technical Specifications

10 TON  
Cylinder Bore
12 3/16" Dia.
Min. P.S.I. for Rated Capacity
Extended Height
Low 17 3/4" in
High 49 3/8" in
Diameter 8" in
Quantity 2
Overall Length
58 in
Shipping Weight
176 lb


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