Heavy-Duty Mobile Lift - HDML-9-AE

The ARI-HETRA HDML Mobile Lifting System is unmatched for its safety, flexibility and ease-of-use.



  • No installation necessary
  • Mobility
  • Top mounted system contols 
  • Weartight aluminum extrusion 
  • Simplifies the removal of springs, suspensions, brakes, engines and transmissions
  • Electronic Overload Protection - Shuts system down when load is over the rated capacity.
  • Self Diagnostics - Operating status displays error codes and fault information.



  • Emergency stop button
  • Ball bearing screw-nut assembly for safety
  • Electrical security devices to stop the mobile lift in case of electrical failure or overload 
  • ALI certified through NRLT MET Labs 


Optional Accessories


Technical Specifications

Capacity per Column
HDML-9-4-AE 16,000 lb
HDML-9-6-AE 16,000 lb
Total Capacity
HDML-9-4-AE 64,000 lb
HDML-9-6-AE 94,000 lb
Motor Capacity
HDML-9-4 2 hp
HDML-9-6 2 hp
Power Consumption
HDML-9-4 208/440 Volts 32/16 Amps
HDML-9-6 208/440 Volts 48/24 Amps
Weight per Column
HDML-9-4 1,100 lb
HDML-9-6 1,100 lb
Lifting Time
HDML-9-4 115 s
HDML-9-6 115 s



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