Mobile Lifts

ARI-HETRA offers the safest, most reliable method of lifting your vehicle. Our lifting systems can handle 48,000 lb to 320,000 lb, dramatically reducing maintenance time while simultaneously adding safety for those working on a vehicle.

There is an HDML system available specifically for your needs in the heavy-duty industry. Please choose one of the following models below for more information.



Heavy-Duty Mobile Lift - HDML-6-AE

48,000 - 72,000 lb

Heavy-Duty Mobile Lift - HDML-8-AE

60,000 - 90,000 lb

Heavy-Duty Mobile Lift - HDML-9-AE

64,000 - 96,000 lb

Heavy-Duty Mobile Lift - HDML-10-AE

72,000 - 108,000 lb

Heavy-Duty Mobile Lift - HDML-12, 16, 18

96,000 - 160,000 lb

If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please contact ARI-HETRA at 1-800-562-3250 to be directed to a Regional Manager in your area.