Fork-Truck Lifts

Gain access to the underside of short wheelbase industrial vehicles (less than 76") using ARI-HETRA's FL lifting systems. The FL systems use a ramp and contact pad with two HDML lifting posts, allowing you to easily and safely perform preventive maintenance, lubrication, repair and parts replacement while the vehicle is raised. Our systems also save you time, compared to over floor jacking or overhead cranes.

Please choose one of the following models below for more information.




Fork-Truck Lift Adapter - FL-3-4

Lift Trucks with Offset Wheels

4 Drive on Ramps

Fork-Truck Lift Adapter - FL-3

Standard Lift Trucks

2 Drive on Ramps

Lifting Platform - FL-OM-12

Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks

Under vehicle access for narrow aisle forklifts

Lifting Platform – FL-RC-10-3

Pallet Movers

Under-vehicle access for triple and quad end-drive pallet movers.

If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please contact ARI-HETRA at 1-800-562-3250 to be directed to a Regional Manager in your area.