Surface Mounted Scissor Lifts -HDXL

ARI-HETRA's Surface Mounted Scissor Lifts make changing a clutch, inspecting shocks or other services easier and quicker. The lifts require very little floor modifications and are available in a variety of capacities.



  • Lifting and lowering of all four (4)cylinders is regulated and synchronized by electronic servos.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Sealed bronze & graphite pivot points.
  • Structural ribs under platforms.
  • Above-ground mounting with ramp.
  • Platforms wide enough for dual-wheeled vehicles.
  • Automatic wheel chocks fall into place when vehicle is lifted.



  • Maximum capacity controlled by an overload safety valve.
  • Mechanical safety latching mechanism to support load in event of a power failure.
  • Lockable control panel.
  • Smart hydraulics to maintain a level lifting surface.
  • Automatic stop of system if there is an obstruction under the lift.


Optional Accessories


Models Available



Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity
HDXL-900 20,000 lb
HDXL-901 29,000 lb
HDXL-902 50,000 lb
HDXL-903 75,000 lb
HDXL-906 57,000 lb
HDXL-907 101,000 lb
HDXL-908 132,000 lb
Shipping Weight
HDXL-900 10,700 lb
HDXL-901 12,300 lb
HDXL-902 20,000 lb
HDXL-903 26,500 lb
HDXL-906 23,300 lb
HDXL-907 33,600 lb
HDXL-908 45,300 lb
Platform Length
HDXL-900 19 ft 8 in
HDXL-901 23 ft
HDXL-902 28 ft
HDXL-903 32 ft
HDXL-906 45 ft 11 in
HDXL-907 52 ft 6 in
HDXL-908 54 ft 2 in



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