Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC)

  • Contract Title: Fleet Services Equipment
  • Contract Number: FL03-05
  • The Houston-Galveston Area Council’s HGACBuy Cooperating Purchasing Program specializes in products that require technical, detailed specifications and extensive professional skills to evaluate bid responses.  All products offered through the HGACBuy Cooperative Purchasing Program have been though the competitive bid or competitive proposal process.
  • Who is eligible:
    • All local governments across the United States are permitted to purchase through the HGACBuy Cooperating Purchasing Program.  Government entities are required to execute an Interlocal Contract to participate in the program.  The Texas Interlocal Cooperation Act permits joint participation by local governments, states, state agencies, and non-profit corporations providing one or more government functions and services inside Texas-and any other state.
  • Website:
    • To learn more about the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Cooperative Purchasing Program please visit: www.hgacbuy.com
  • Primary Contracting Officer: